XRAY.net is a research based organisation with a large bank of intellectual property, most of which is market- ready for the USA. The most significant of our properties is STOOL MARKER.

STOOL MARKER will revolutionise the screening of colo-rectal cancer and is the catalyst that will cement VIRTUAL COLONOSCOPY as the prime screening modality. STOOL MARKER enables accurate examinations without the need for any bowel preps or special diets.

Due to the extensive Patent protection surrounding STOOL MARKER, this application alone will represent a lucrative market. Additionally, STOOL MARKER/VIRTUAL COLONOSCOPY should ultimately obsolete ALL other barium sulfate applications. STOOL MARKER should rapidly grow to become an annual market worth several hundred million dollars.

STOOL MARKER has been clinically tested in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic (refer to the References page)

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