an air contrast barium meal or upper GIT image   The technology was developed in order to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the introduction of digital radiography systems. In the specific case of air contrast, Upper GI tract studies (Barium meals) the standard, HIGH DENSITY products are too radiopaque. They produce substantial artifact. The usual response of the Radiologist is to simply overdilute the products until the apparent x-ray opacity is brought into the necessary range. Unfortunately, high density products were not designed to be over-diluted, and consequently are then probe to display uneven coating and flocculaton issues.

DIGITAL HD has been specifically formulated to maintain excellent double contrast results when used in digital imaging systems.

DIGITAL HD also produces suspensions of the ideal concentration to display NEGATIVE contrast images in MRI abdominal studies. It is the first barium sulfate based product to obtain this MRI indication in it's regulatory status.

DIGITAL HD has marketing approval for Australia. Extension to the USA is a simple process under the FDA grandfathering legislation. It is a 96% w/w barium sulfate powder which is mixed with water immediately prior to use to make a delicious orange drink -substantially more palatable than existing high density products. DIGITAL HD is available for licensing.

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