XRAY.net has been involved in the R&D, production and international marketing of medical x-ray imaging products since 1972. The organisation is the creator and marketer of the following world firsts:

  • High Density barium for double contrast Upper GI tract imaging (barium meals), sold under the MEDEBAR trade mark throughout the USA, Europe, Australasia and S.E. Asia.

  • CT scanner oral contrast agents based on barium sulfate, sold worldwide under the MEDESCAN brand, and in a modified form, under the CHEETAH brand in the USA.

  • STOOL MARKER, a Patented barium sulfate suspension, that represents the only 100% prep-less fecal tagging product for Virtual Colonoscopy examinations

  • SONO-TRAST oral contrast agent for ULTRASOUND examinations

    scientific genius

    The CEO and chief scientific investigator of XRAY.net is Dr Kevin B Tait. A graduate (B.Sc.with First Class Honours and Ph.D.) of the University of New South Wales' prestigious Applied Chemistry program, his pharmaceutical expertise was honed by stints with Wellcome (now Glaxo) and with consulting contracts with various industry leaders.