-for use prior to abdominal x-ray and colonoscopy examinations

We can offer two formulas, both of which act principally as hyper-osmotic cleansers. Both are available for license.

    MAG CIT PREP is a powder which when dissolved, produces a delicious magnesium citrate solution. Investigations showed that although there are several alternative proprietary products currently on offer, they are inefficient. The rate of dissolution of their active magnesium ions is so slow that less than 50% of the dose is bio-available within one hour of mixing. Our formula has fully reacted within 5 minutes.

    Research also shows that bisacodyl tablets and suppositories, which form part of some proprietary kits, add little to the final cleansing result if used with MAG CIT PREP. Possibly, their inclusion in these alternative proprietary kits is a reflection of the aforementioned inefficiency of their magnesium ion dissolution.
    MAG CIT PREP is registered for sale in the USA and in Australia.

    devlab MEDE-PREP is a sorbitol based powder which is dissolved to make an extremely pleasant orange flavored drink. It is a simple and highly effective product, based upon the work of the colorectal surgery department at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia. Published clinical studies (see REFERENCES page for details) have demonstrated it's superiority to a proprietary prep kit based in magnesium and bisacodyl.
    devlab MEDE-PREP is registered for sale in Australia.