-oral ultrasound contrast agent

an ultrasound image Satisfactory upper body Ultrasound imaging is rendered difficult by the fact that the stomach is essentially air-filled, and acts as a "brick wall" to the ultrasound waves. This imaging difficulty becomes most relevant if the objective is to view gastric masses, the pancreas and/or the spleen. Read more about abdominal ultrasound and it's current shortcomings.

To address this problem, the stomach can be filled with water, or even better, with de-gassed water. This is not totally satisfactory due to the motility of water and it's 100% sonographic transparency. A better approach was developed by In 1978, we fine tuned an approach based on selected methycellulose solutions. It was marketed under the name, SONO-TRAST. In those early days, the target population was O/G and for technical reasons fell into dis-use. Recently, the approach has been copied by a major contrast manufacturer and re-marketed for the above non-O/G applications.

SONO-TRAST has marketing approval for the USA (under the brand name "Mede-Cel") and Australia, and is available for sale or licence.