STOOL MARKER -for prep-less Virtual Colonoscopy

VC reconstruction of a colonic polyp


A basic problem with all colo-rectal screening techniques is the very low compliance rate of the target population. All research into the currently used colo-rectal screening procedures (including virtual colonoscopy) has concluded that their most disliked aspect is their requirement for a clean bowel- achieved by up to several days of cathartics and restricted dieting. A substantial majority of the target population will not readily submit to these procedures. This problem is overcome if the colon cleansing steps are removed.

Our Patented STOOL MARKER addresses this barrier by providing a method whereby the patient takes NO LAXATIVES, and avoids all restrictive diets. STOOL MARKER, which has a very pleasant raspberry flavor, is taken with meals for 48 hours prior to the examination. The patients make no other change to their normal daily routine. STOOL MARKER comprises a radiopaque material (1.2% barium sulfate suspension) that becomes homogeneously incorporated into the patient stool as it forms in the colon. It is then a simple matter to digitally subtract data related to this radiopaque stool from the data associated with the non-radiopaque soft tissues of the colon. The result is a representation of a digitally cleaned colon which is then assessed in the usual way to ascertain the presence, or otherwise, of polyps and other mucosal irregularities. With STOOL MARKER in common use, and the last remaining patient compliance obstacle removed, the number of colorectal screening examinations is expected to skyrocket. View details of STOOL MARKER clinical trial. Even more significantly, the horizons of this style of virtual imaging will expand into all the realms of gastro-intestinal imaging. The patient friendliness of STOOL MARKER, together with the ability to automate the image processing and interpretation, means that all existing uses for barium sulfate will be obsoleted. Our Patented Stool Marker technology may provide investors with an entree to a monopoly of the market.